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Busy with client work and not enough time to take care of your own content needs? My typical client understands the benefits behind a consistent content strategy, but doesn’t have the in-house expertise or time in the day to give it the attention it deserves.

What are these benefits that make blogging the best spend?

  • Blogging can help a company or individual establish thought leadership in an industry
  • Blog content can be repurposed on social media, emails, ebooks, etc.
  • Blogging gives you an opportunity to rank for multiple keywords
  • Blog posts encourage backlinks more than static pages

Here’s where I come in to save the day. My blog design and development strategy is based on these tried-and-true components:

  • Keyword research… the foundation of any trafficked article
  • Topic development/pitching… if you’re struggling to come up with a good idea
  • A headline… that draws readers in
  • A compelling feature image… that doesn’t suck
  • Engaging content… to reduce your bounce rate (and improve shareability)
  • On-site SEO considerations… so interested searchers find you
  • A call to action… that encourages next steps in the customer buyer journey
  • Technical help… if you need it (with over 10 years of experience in HTML & CSS)
  • Social sharing… on my own channels if the article is relevant

My Process


  • 1. Topic Development


    Some clients have prompts, others enjoy my pitch ideas. I can work seamlessly with your existing style and structure.

  • 2. Research

    I find sources (and external links for SEO!) to ensure that the content I write is anything but #basic.

  • 3. Outline

    Before I try to make it sound beautiful, I make sure the structure makes sense.

  • 4. Finished Article

    Check your inbox! On our before the due date, you’ll be able to see my finished article, optimized for SEO.


Writing about digital marketing is my specialty, but I’ve been known to dabble in personal finance, lifestyle, and even personal injury lawyers. No matter the subject, I’ll bring life to it. That’s my guarantee and personal challenge.

  • Maddy was a great part of the business development team here at Social Media Beast, but she also provided a ton of marketing value as well. She’s a natural marketer with an innate curiosity about digital and social promotion. She brought many successful and long-term clients to us, including a TV personality whose social campaign has earned some of the best reach and engagement in our company’s history. She also brought a lot of fresh marketing ideas, for example getting us involved in Twitter Chats as a means of agency promotion. The content she’s created for us has also been phenomenal. I enjoyed having Maddy in the office and was sorry to lose her, but I’m sure I will be hitting her up for more ideas on how we could be promoting ourselves more effectively.

    1915198_238127417109_3369652_n Scott Fenstermaker Social Media Beast

Find time on my schedule and let’s chat about your brand’s blog. Quick question? Feel free to use the form below!


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  • I initially found Maddy through LinkedIn while in the process of firming up the details of my venture, Strong Suit. The expertise portrayed through her website and blog pushed me to get in touch. Maddy was easy to schedule a meeting with, and came completely prepared for the meeting after taking the time to do some research on my current initiatives. After giving suggestions backed by marketing best practices, I left the meeting feeling energized. After implementing Maddy's suggestions, my SEO worked exactly as I had hoped. I would definitely work with her again, and have even referred her some business from my own network.

    jeff hyman Jeff Hyman Strong Suit
  • Madeline has been a great addition to my blogging staff. She produces high quality written content with minimal guidance and always within the time frame I need it. Not only is Madeline knowledgeable on a variety of digital marketing topics, but she is constantly suggesting new ideas to extend blog reach. Great communicator and definite team player. Has a witty sense of humor, too. Highly recommended.

    brent jones Brent Jones Brent Jones Online
  • Maddy is exceptional and a rising star in the social media and digital marketing field. Her professional experience combined with her tenacity and entrepreneurial-mind have, in my opinion, directly attributed to the success that we have achieved so far on the project we are working on.

    scott winterroth Scott Winterroth Content Academy
  • Madeline provided me with a thorough SEO analysis of my website that identified several problems of which I was unaware. In addition, she was able to find and implement effective solutions to these issues in a prompt and professional way. Her attention to detail, professionalism, and responsiveness is top-notch.

    david arato David Arato, JD Arato LLC