All About Maddy Osman

My fascination with the internet began very young. At the early age of 11, I was designing my first websites, and editing graphics on Photoshop. Of course, it probably wasn’t until college that I really had the chance to fully develop those talents, when I started working for Student Life Marketing + Design at the University of Iowa. From then until now, I’ve held jobs like:

  • Sony Brand Ambassador (at the University of Iowa)
  • Zipcar Brand Ambassador (Chicago)
  • Sales at Groupon (Chicago)
  • Sales & Marketing at Social Media Beast (Chicago)

Each role has taught me something different about how humans make decisions, and I bring that into The Blogsmith.

The Projects I Enjoy

My days are now made up of many different projects that revolve around content marketing:

…And all sorts of wonderfully random projects in between and outside of these lines.

Clients Say Nice Things About Me
Let's Connect

The best way to find out if we’re a fit for each other is to get in touch. As much as you want to learn about my ability to rock one of your projects, I need to also learn from you to know for sure if your project is one where I know I can add value. If you’re specifically looking for content marketing/blogging help, here’s my portfolio of writing samples:

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Nice to Knows

So that’s covers all the need-to-knows. Here are some nice-to-knows:

  • I like getting involved in the local community. Right now, that means I’m the Social chair for BMA Colorado, a co-founder of Freelancers Union Spark: Denver, and I’m a co-organizer for WordCamp Denver.
  • I consider “nerd” to be a compliment. In high school, I won a web design competition hosted by a local community college, twice. I make a habit of checking out at least one WordCamp each year. I love writing about WordPress for amazing publications like WPMU DEV, Developer Drive, and GoDaddy.
  • I’ve taken all the online certifications. Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Google Mobile Sites, Hubspot Inbound Certification, and am a Hootsuite Certified Professional (also a #hootamb, or an ambassador for the platform).

The Street Art

The graffiti-inspired look of The Blogsmith comes from pictures I’ve taken, and spots I’ve discovered during my travels, notably in Barcelona, Berlin, Chicago, and my newest home – Denver. I love the creativity and edge of my favorite street art finds, and bring a similar spark to my client work.

Keep in Touch

I send out a weekly content roundup incorporating the same articles I follow to stay current in the industry. I also share some of the pieces I’m writing for clients like Search Engine Journal, Sprout Social, and 99Designs.

I would love to connect with you online! I’m very active on LinkedInTwitterInstagram and Facebook.

The Blogsmith: By the Numbers

Words Written
Websites Designed
Weekend hikes this year
Company history
You're not bored reading about me, yet? To feed your curiosity, here's a timeline of important moments for the development of The Blogsmith.

June 2002
Maddy teaches herself website design.
At the time, I thought it was just a nerd hobby. But it would later define my profesional life.
September 2009
The beginning of 4 years at Student Life Marketing + Design
the blogsmith
I was blessed to find a job that paid above average college wages while helping me to build an amazing network of colleagues and mentors.
June 2013
I try my hand at sales with Groupon
And I was pretty good at it. But I wasn’t happy. I needed a creative release.