How to Write a Kick-Ass Blog Post

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Lesson 1: Defining “Kick-Ass Blog Post” and Finding Topic Inspiration

Content Experts to Follow

Client Topic Collaboration

Lesson 2: Researching Your Blog Topic

Note Taking Tools

  • Sorc’d: Easily tag sources based on subject
  • Evernote: Leading note taking app
  • Pinterest: Organize your favorite sources using a tool you probably already have

Lesson 3: Outlining Your Kick-Ass Blog Post

Here’s the same outline template I use for my client projects!

Lesson 4: Finding Legal to Use Images

Free Stock Photos

Paid Stock Photos

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Lesson 5: Using a Style Guide & Formatting for the Web

Here’s the general style guide I provide my contractors who help me prepare outlines. It doesn’t hurt to ask clients if they have one, too.

Lesson 6: The First Kick-Ass Draft

Using the Pomodoro Method: Tomato Timer

Lesson 7: Crash Course in Content SEO: Basics of Keyword Research


Lesson 8: Crash Course in Content SEO: Using Keywords

Further Reading


Grab my Essential Blog Post SEO Checklist

Lesson 9: Blog Promotion Tactics


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