Pitch Competition: A Freelance Contest for Grant Money & Mentorship

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By: Maddy Osman

Intrigued? Here are the details about The Blogsmith Freelance Success Grant:

What it is: The Blogsmith Freelance Success Grant

Twice this year, I’ll select one freelancer to be the recipient of a $1000 grant.


I won’t be telling you what to do with this money. But I’m hoping that it goes towards building your dream freelance business.

In fact, the way to win it will involve the essay prompt,

How would $1000 change your freelance business?”


In addition to the $1000 cash grant, the winner will also receive access to my online course, Teach Me How to WordPress. It’s about building a WordPress website and fleshing out the content to help accomplish business goals and has a value of $197.

But that’s not all!

I don’t want to just give this freelance contest winner the cash, then leave them without a lifeline while they’re in the process of growing their freelance business.

To help ensure a successful path forward, I’m also offering the winner the opportunity to work with me as their mentor by also including once monthly, hour long phone coaching sessions for 12 months following their win.

All in all, The Blogsmith Freelance Success Grant package has a value of:

Total Prize Value: $2097

If you don’t win during the time period in which you initially submitted your entry, that doesn’t mean you won’t win in the future — so don’t be discouraged! I’ll still be considering these entries during subsequent rounds of this pitch competition.

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Why I’m Launching The Blogsmith Freelance Success Grant

It was because of a mentor and friend that I ultimately had enough courage in my decision to quit my corporate job and give this freelancing thing a try. This same mentor also provided me with enough work to cover my minimum bill payments while I brought on my first clients.

To try and match the generosity of my first freelancing mentor, I want to pay it forward by providing three distinct benefits to the recipients of this prize: