Content? Managed.
Content? Managed.

Let’s face it – most small business owners barely have enough time in the day to focus on the things they’re best at. By the time they’re able to focus on social media, hasty decisions are made with regards to posting content, and there’s no consistent strategy behind it. The result can detract rather than enhance your business!

At that point, it’s hard to say whether or not posting was a wasted effort. After all, social platforms are moving towards algorithm-based news feeds instead of traditional chronological-based media models. A bad move could set you back, and make it harder to reach people the next time you post.

Social media, effectively leveraged should be:

  • A great tool for creating brand awareness
  • A cost-effective lead generation tool
  • A place to create a dialog with customers
  • A chance to show thought leadership and make influencer connections

My recommendation?

Let me work with you to come up with a strategy that’s uniquely tailored to your needs.

I’ll take care of the details:

  • A content strategy that resonates and connects with your target audience
  • Insight on the best times to post for increased organic reach
  • A hashtag strategy that breaks through the noise
  • Ads management

Let’s work together to accomplish your most strategic marketing goals, and bring you peace of mind that the job is taken care of.

My Process


social media

Before we get started, I have new clients fill out a detailed intake form to get a feel for them and what’s been successful in the past.


social media

A manager account is created for you on my social media scheduling software so that you can see what’s publishing and let me know if any changes are necessary.


social media

I read articles, listen to podcasts and attend industry conferences so I’m adaptable to change and can get the most exposure for your brand.



Something come up? I’ll make sure we get a post up! Most content is scheduled ahead of time, but you’re more than welcome to reach out for timely updates.

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