How to Negotiate a Six-Figure Freelance Salary

six-figure freelancing

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Sales Process:

Slide Template: SlidesCarnival

Lesson 1: How to Calculate Your Rate

Writer’s Market: What Should I Charge?

Calculating Days Off Resources:

Rate Calculation Resources:

Lesson 2: The Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch Template:

My name is xx
I xx (describe what you do)
For xx (what niche you operate in)
Like (client examples)

Winning Pitch Example: Sophie Lizard

Lesson 3, 4, & 5: Needs Assessment, Negotiation Bootcamp, & How to Handle Common Objections

Nothing extra here—watch the class. 🙂

Lesson 6: Creating Value in Thought Leadership

WPMU DEV: Pricing Pages: Should You Add to Your Freelance Website?

Lesson 7: The Art of the Follow Up


Lesson 8: A Few More Thangs

Must Have Tools:

Outsourcing 101:

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